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What’s the difference between a full scale digital home walkthrough and a VR walkthrough?

Full Scale Digital Home Walkthrough

Virtual reality has begun to radically transform the process of designing and building a new home with the development of “virtual property inspections”. These VR inspections provide homebuyers with a clear view of their new home before construction crews even break ground. 

By strapping on a VR headset, the medium’s unique ability helps users to experience an environment accurately. You can be immersed in a fully interactive three-dimensional environment that provides a virtual representation of your new home as a whole, including every room and hallway, down to pieces of furniture within.

It’s an ideal tool for those who have trouble visualising 2D drawings. VR walkthroughs certainly offer a number of benefits and are fantastic for giving you the opportunity to really evaluate your colour schemes together and give you a ‘feel’ for the flow of your house.

However, a VR walkthrough isn’t the same as a full scale digital walkthrough


Full scale walkthroughs - what are they and what are the benefits?


VR walkthroughs are really useful at the end of the home design process, once the floor plans have been finalised.  But they don’t give you the big picture of the overall structural layout of your home which is something you need to get right at the very beginning of the design process.   

A full scale digital walkthrough involves projecting your draft floor plans onto the floor of a custom-built studio in their exact dimensions. You can walk around the projection to really get a feel for the layout and evaluate every single detail. If you’re not completely happy with something, changes to the layout can be made on the spot and displayed instantly on the projection. 

VR technology isn’t going to be able to tell you if your couch is going to fit in your living room or your bed in your bedroom. Digital walkthroughs allow you to place furniture such as couches, tables, chairs and even bathtubs onto the projection to give you a sense of proportion. These can all be moved around on the projection.

One of the key advantages of going through the process of a digital walkthrough is that you will save time and money on any variations. It gives you the opportunity to assess everything before you submit your plans to council, as any structural changes you might want to make after submission will require you to re-submit everything. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are building a smaller home on a residential block, or a larger home on an acreage — you still want to make it as liveable as possible. A digital floor plan walk through will help with this immeasurably. 

Many of our clients here at Design 360 will actually count out their paces as they walk from room to room on the projection to get a real sense of how things will be on a daily basis.

An example of a major change one of our clients wanted to make after using our projection service was to add windows to a specific wall in their kitchen area after realising that they wouldn’t be able to see their kids playing in the backyard whilst they cooked if they had stuck with their original plans. 

Here’s another example - a client had houseplans which featured a render of the garage containing 3 small cars. However, the owner had 1 large 4WD and 2 smaller cars. Yes, the 4WD did fit in the garage with room for the 2 other cars, but with the configuration of shelving in the garage, it was almost impossible to get in and out of the 4WD. It would have meant a lifetime of squeezing past the car and not being able to open the doors properly. That would have been a disappointment for the homeowner who had spent a lot of money on their dream home design. Luckily, we were able to quickly make adjustments to the floorplan on the spot at their walkthrough. 

All in all, a full scale floor plan walkthrough provides homebuyers with a better evaluation of the space of their home compared to a VR walkthrough. You will be able to avoid the frustration of “I wish we had thought about that” after you move into your new home. Space is something you will live with for years and it is important that you catch any problems before building begins.


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