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How large should my lounge room be?

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Your lounge room is perhaps the most central area of your home, second only to the kitchen. It’s where you, your family and your friends are most likely to gather to watch the TV, play games, relax and catch up.

So if you have plans to remodel your lounge room or you are in the process of designing a new house, you’ll most definitely want to get every aspect of your lounge just right.

As to how large the room should be, the answer really depends on whether you want a small intimate space, or an open plan room which is part of your kitchen/dining areas. 

In terms of interior design, there is a general consensus that an open plan style lounge room should be around 5.5 to 6 metres across. This should give you enough space to comfortably navigate around the room whilst also fitting in all your essential furniture. 

However, you really need to consider what furniture you are going to have in your lounge room and its exact dimensions. For example, if you’d like to include a buffet table behind your sofa, you’ll need to allow for additional space for this in your floor plans.

Here are some top tips to keep in mind when planning your lounge room renovation or new house build:

  • Unless you are planning on having a separate media room for your TV, you want to make sure that your TV and couch aren’t too close or far apart from each other, otherwise you can begin to experience eye strain. The recommended distance for viewing 4K TV is 1.5 times the TV vertical screen size, whilst for a High Definition TV it’s 3 times the TV vertical screen size.

  • If your intended usage includes more than 3 people, allow for more than one entry and exit from the seating areas. Make sure you don’t block key entry and exit points with bulky pieces of furniture and leave enough walking room around larger pieces so that people can enter and leave the space without having to “shimmy” past a piece of furniture. 
  • If you need space for people to gather (around a game, puzzle, etc.) leave additional space around key focal furniture such as the coffee table.

  • Leave enough room for the vacuum to fit around your main pieces of furniture for easier cleaning.

  • Sofas, chairs, and other sitting areas should be placed so that the people in them are no less than 2 1/2 feet apart from each other.  This doesn’t mean that the furniture needs to be 3 feet apart, as larger (or overstuffed) sofas & chairs with large armrests provide a certain amount of buffer room space through their bulk alone. Anything closer than 2 feet will make the room feel overstuffed and could lead to a sense of claustrophobic design.

  • Rather than relying on “how it looks”, measure new furniture before you buy. In a furniture shop, everything looks smaller, as it is in a huge display space. But when you get it home and try to fit it in, you may have a problem!

Need some help planning your lounge size and layout?

Our dedicated team of custom home designers and certification professionals work with you to create your beautiful, practical home.

Our designers can walk you through your home renovation or rebuild prior to construction. Using the latest technology, your floor plans can be projected onto the floor of our custom-built, studio on a 1:1 scale. You will actually ‘walk through’ your new home making adjustments as you go!

If you’re planning a complete internal makeover of your home, our colour and design studio has everything you need under the one roof. You’ll save time running around to the paint shop, the tile shop, the bathroom shop and the appliance shop and can see what it will all look like in the one place.

Contact our friendly team today to organise a no obligation consultation.

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